I became a Certified Nia Technique teacher in 1989 and completed my 1st Degree Nia Black Belt in 1999. I have been teaching Nia classes in Napa and Sonoma County since 1992.

In 1998, I finished a Pilates Teacher Certification program through the Physicalmind Institute and have since been working with clients in my Pilates studio in Calistoga. My Pilates studies have been influenced by Madeline Black, Jean Claude West, Elizabeth Larkham, Polstar, Rael Isacowitz and Leslie Bender. 

In addition to practicing Nia and Pilates myself, I love taking classes and workshops in 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Yoga and other things that create opportunities for body/mind awareness and self-healing.  From these, I blend what feels appropriate into my teaching.

I’m forever grateful to Debbie and Carlos Rosas (Nia Technique Founders) for initially planting a seed that has flourished and allowed me to do what I love.

Photo © Avis Mandel - avismandel.com

"A description of Jill's Nia classes would be pure joy. The routines and the wonderful music seems to take you out of yourself and always help start the day with a smile. Nia gets your heart rate up, but hardly feels like exercise." Bev B.

"Jill nurtures our bodies safely and thoroughly and her joy of movement is infectious. We emerge from her Nia classes refreshed,renewed, and glad to be alive." Julie Dickson

"Jill is an extraordinarily compassionate teacher. Her Pilates training sessions are focused fully on the client; she is attentive to even the subtlest body alignment shifts in order to get the utmost out of the exercises. Not a minute of the session is wasted: I get a very thorough workout in an hour. I feel leaner and more graceful after working with Jill on a regular basis. She's amazing!" Angela Hoxsey, business owner

"Jill has been my Pilates coach for six years. She goes beyond just being a "fitness instructor". She sees things about my body, its alignment, posture, tone that are unconscious to me until she points them out. I love her direct way, gentle confrontation and honest nature. To work withher is to grow, not only physically, but spiritually and mindfully. What more could one want from a coach?" Theresa Wajnert

"Jill is one of my favorite teachers. I have been going to her regularly for two years. She has deep knowledge of human anatomy and sees when and how I need to adjust my movements and is always willing to demonstrate if I need a visual. She's loving, competent, and a committed ally in my pursuit of health." Denis Sutro, winemaker/real estate broker

"On my list of things to do until I die ..... pilates with Jill." Kary Duncan